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Zivjeli Musica Our Goal is to provide customers with essentials to play, experience and learn music. We hope to inspire your musical passion by offering a wide variety of instruments and accessories for all ages.

Zivjeli Musica is dedicated to a family friendly atmosphere with a culture of respect that is encouraging for beginners and inspiring for musicians of all levels. We hope to provide a broad range of musical experiences through out the year.

Our Venue and our Website are a work in progress...

Stay Tuned.

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5107-49 Street,

Rocky Mountain House, AB, T4T1B8


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Why Play a Musical Instrument...
 Search the web and you will find many reliable sources explaining the benefits of playing a musical instrument.
Our Top Five

Use your Brain

Give your brain a good work out. Playing a musical instrument stimulates your brain increasing brain connectivity. Improving Memory.

Patience young padawan

Use your patience, it takes time perseverance, practice and endurance. You will get better but it is learning step by step you are not going to be Mozart overnight and your going to find muscles you didn't know you had before you are Axle Rose. 

Expand your Social Network

Reduce Stress

Forget about your worries, take your mind off your troubles. Reducing  stress has been shown to reduce blood pressure, heartrate and stress hormones. 

Sense of Achievement

What a sense of achievement when you achieve a goal. Setting SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, in a period of time) Goals helps build confidence when you are learning. Remember when you learned your first chord or found all of the notes in the measure correctly. Great Job!

Have some fun and meet new people in real life. Take the leap to share your talent, gift or hard work with others. Through band at school or an open mike or Jam session there are so many ways to connect with other people. Everyone needs a fiddle in a band...

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