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What is in a Name? 

In Croatian  Živjeli ~ Cheers!

Pronounced "ji vo lee". It comes from the root word "to live". In Croatia it is one of the first words you learn - Cheers! I wanted a name that had a connection to my family and something that expressed my passion for music. In this busy stressful life we lead, there needs to be an opportunity to enjoy life, relax and socialize. My paternal family originated from Croatia and France. I have been very blessed to meet many Croatian people and visit Croatia to visit cousins. Croatian people are a lot of fun. They love coffee and it is a real experience sitting for hours sipping coffee. They have a joy in life, even after the most devastating experiences, and spirit for music. Hospitable and passionate they are great entertainers and hosts. Dalmatian music is some of the most beautiful in the world and it is really special to hear it echo in an ancient building along the coast on a sunny day. More Northern traditional Croatian Folk Music is played on stringed instruments ranging in size, from a stand up bass, rhythm guitar, to smaller mandolin type instruments called tamburitza. Played at weddings and festivals there are traditional dances and costume that cannot be described in words. I hope a visit to Zivjeli Musica inspires you, draws out your passion giving you a sense of peace and community. Živjeli Musica ~ to live for music ~Debbie

Zivjeli Musica

Retailer of Musical Instruments and Accesories

Our Goal is to provide customers with all of the essentials to play, experience and learn music. We hope to inspire your musical passion by offering a wide variety of instruments and accessories and supporting our local downtown business area. 


In Stock instruments  include: Harmonica, Ukulele, Violin, Trumpet, Banjo, Mandolin, Saxophone, Drums, Electric and Acoustic guitar & Bass...  We have all the necessities to continue your musical journey and make learning, practicing and playing easier like straps and music stands. Things to keep your instrument in tune, clean and ready to play. In stock accessories include: Tuners, Humidifiers, Capo’s, Strings, Drumsticks, Brushes, Cords, Reeds, Resin, cork oil, valve oil, cleaners... and so much more. We will special order repair and replacement parts so that you can spend more time playing and less time driving.

Musical Arts Venue and Gathering Space

Opening Soon...

Our Passion is to promote and support musical arts. Venue space for Jamming, group lessons, recitals, workshops and concerts. We have a vision for a unique space where artists of all ages can showcase their talents, teach or learn something new,  meet other musicians or just enjoy a relaxing musical experience.

Zivjeli Musica is dedicated to a family friendly atmosphere.
We want to ensure a culture of respect that is encouraging for beginners and inspiring for musicians of all levels. Yes we are excited too and cant wait...

Stay Tuned.

Wedding Band Stage
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